The P-Fiddy Birthday $51 Challenge

We cannot do this ministry work without the support of financial donors. Your gift is greatly appreciated and will most certainly impact a life for good. Beginning May 17, 2017 (Our Founder, Philip Fidler's 51st birthday) we launched this challenge with the goal of raising funds to pay off the Hosanna House mortgage so we can focus on ministry. Currently the majority of our financial resources go toward paying the monthly lease payment. As per our lease to purchase contract, on April 1, 2020 we will need to procure a mortgage for the balance. Our hope with this P-Fiddy $51 Challenge is to raise funds in Philip's memory over this next year and be able to pay off the mortgage and no longer have this monthly expense, which would free up financial resources to invest into a deeper part of local missions and help more people in need in our the community. 

Please pray about how you can join us! When you give, notate it is for the "51 Challenge" so it gets credited accordingly. May God's will be done!

Hosanna!House is a Board led IRS approved 501c3 non-profit ministry. Every gift (financial or "in-kind" gift) is tax deductible.

Help Support The Mission

We are still in our inception and need your help! 

Here are ways you can contribute:

IN-KIND GIFT ITEMS NEEDED (Listed in order of priority):

PLUMBING: Whole house needs re-plumbed

VINYL SIDING:  We would LOVE LOVE to have the house re-sided

FLOORING: Kitchen Tile [400 sq ft]

ELECTRICAL LIGHT FIXTURE: Ceiling Fans for Bed Rooms/Offices, Exterior wall mount light fixtures, Interior Ceiling Fixtures

COMMERCIAL KITCHEN ITEMS: 3 Basin Bar Sink, Sandwich Prep Cooler, Freezer, Stainless Steel Prep Station, Cabinets / Prep area

BATHROOM ITEMS: Stand Up Shower unit, Bathtub shower unit, Bathroom Mirrors

WINDOWS: 3 large windows with grids for kitchen and sides. 

PAINT: Interior and Exterior

LUMBER:  Privacy Fence Lumber [4x4 posts and 2x4 treated lumber - we have pickets]

FIRE SAFETY: Licensed Building Sprinkler Installer to meet code or residential home for housing residents.

PLANTS To meet zoning requirements: River Birch Trees, Tea Olives, Azaleas, Knock Out Roses, Sago Palms

MULCH: To mulch the parking lot

VEHICLES: ATV for pulling garden cart, Multi-passenger Van for transporting residents

FINANCIAL NEEDS (How you can help with our monthly expenses):

CONSTRUCTION NEEDS: If you can't give "in-kind" to the needs listed, you can help financially so we can keep the work going.

LEASE PAYMENT – due on 15th:

    $900 per month  through April 2020


    $250.00 per month for Electricity (estimated)

    $150.00 per month for Water (estimated)

    $50.00 per month Trash (estimated)

    $42.00 per month Liability Insurance

    $50.00 per month Internet Service (not yet but estimated)

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN: (Our BIG Hairy Audacious Goal & The P-Fiddy $51 Birthday Challenge launched on May 17, 2019 through April 2020)

$248,000 Mortgage to be procured or eliminated by 2020! Lord willing!!