Hosanna House is not affiliated with any one particular church. It is our vision and mission to see the local churches come together to embrace and meet this need in our community. We are a registered 501c3 non-profit Christian outreach ministry with a passion and calling to reach and serve those in need in the Lexington / Redbank area. Currently those needing the services we will provide have to figure out how to get to Columbia for help.

Our Mission is simple. To make disciples of all people groups.

The Mission

To Make Disciples of all people groups through:
  • Providing hospitable Christian community
  • Training and equipping people for ministry
  • Aiding in establishing vocational opportunities
  • Providing a safe sober place for long-term recovery
  • Engaging in Christ-centered missions and outreach
  • Meeting needs of the homeless and poor in our community through meals, laundry and bathing opportunities and Christ's love. 

Our Team

Oh, the joys of those who are kind to the poor! The LORD rescues them when they are in trouble. - Psalm 41:1

Catharine Clark

Director of Development

Catharine is young and energetic with a zeal for life and serving others. She loves the Lord and has a passion for building and maintaining relationships. Telling people about the love of God and connecting others to ministry is her driving force. Catharine embraces the vision and mission of Hosanna! House and desires to share it with everyone she meets.


Kim Fidler

Administrator | Outreach Director

Kim is the one that shared in Philip's vision keeps it alive and grounded. She connects all of the dots with her administration and organizational skills. Like Philip, she also has a heart for outreach and disciple making. 

Kim loves the Lord and spends herself on behalf of others. Kim is also passionate about teaching others skills in landscaping, crafts, gardening, etc. She is the heart behind the upcoming plant nursery and organic gardening projects to serve our hungry neighbors.  


Philip Fidler


Philip was the visionary. He had a heart for outreach, disciple making and teaching God's Word. Philip passed away unexpectedly January 16, 2019 from a virus that attacked his heart. We are committed to seeing his vision to fruition. Since 2003 he had been working with individuals who have struggled with chronic homelessness and generational poverty. Philip's educational background from two Bible colleges and seminary where he focused on Biblical Studies, Theology, Leadership and Missions equipped him. Philip had also experienced many of the same struggles as those who will come to Hosanna! House for assistance. His life was committed to serving those in need.

Philip's Legacy - Life Memorial